PATTAYA AVIATION, a leading Ground Handling Service provider in Thailand
We were honored to be an exhibitor at the IATA Ground Handling Conference 2023,
PATTAYA AVIATION Co., Ltd. actively participated in the JOB EXPO THAILAND 2023 event,
"PATTAYA AVIATION Co., Ltd., led by Mr. Kocharin Peiumchato,
PATTAYA AVIATION landing on the 7th China Low Cost Carriers Summit 2023!
The executive team of PATTAYA GROUP and PATTAYA AVIATION visited the MRO ASIA-PACIFIC in Singapore
Mr. Nat Boonyavichkanont, the CEO of PATTAYA AVIATION Co., Ltd., visited Mr. Kittipong Kittikachorn , the Director of Suvarnabhumi Airport
PATTAYA AVIATION Limited had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Waraporn Temkao, the Director of the Aviation Science Department
PATTAYA AVIATION Co., Ltd. signs an MOU with Rangsit University to jointly develop students for aviation industry roles.
PATTAYA AVIATION Co., Ltd. and PATTAYA AVIATION TRAINING CENTER Co., Ltd. participated in a meeting and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
PATTAYA GROUP and PATTAYA AIRWAYS, attended the establishment day ceremony of Squadron 603, Wing 6, Air Force Command
PATTAYA GROUP organized an annual customer and business partner appreciation event, "A Prestige BEYOND the Horizon Exclusive Gala Night,"
13 January 2024 - PATTAYA AVIATION Company , led by Mr. Chanwit Phuenchote, Ground Operations Director warmly welcomed Urumqi Airlines.
PATTAYA AVIATION Co., Ltd. participated in the National Children's Day activities for the year 2024
PATTAYA GROUP announces its launch in Forbes Thailand
PATTAYA AVIATION Co., Ltd. had the opportunity to welcome the International College , Chiang Mai Rajabhat University.
PATTAYA AVIATION had the honor of meeting Thai Airways, on the occasion of the New Year 2024
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